Sun salutations are yoga sequences that can warm up the body while increasing mobility, flexibility and strength. No matter if you’re doing Sun Salutation A, B, Classical or any other variation, sun salutations are excellent to practice in the morning and pair well with vinyasa yoga sequences. However, sun salutations do not have to be limited to vinyasa or vigorous yoga. Sun salutations can be adapted to any chair yoga sequence.

Chair yoga classes consist of adaptive yoga poses sequenced together through the use of a chair. Chair yoga makes yoga possible for many people who have difficulties in “regular” classes and is excellent for seniors, cancer patients, office workers,  and others who may have medical conditions that affect their joints or energy levels.

Download our Chair Yoga Sun Salutation Printable today! This printable PDF includes various chair yoga pictures sequenced together for a seated chair yoga sun salutation. Perfect for yoga teachers or students wanting to learn chair yoga!

Chair Yoga Sequence for Sun Salutations
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