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Yoga for the Hips with Melissa

This yoga class for the hips is perfect for beginners and seniors. Melissa guides you through a 50-minute yoga class designed to help you stretch your hips. By stretching the hips participants can expect to release tension in the lower back and alleviate office fatigue.

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About the Instructor

Melissa Leger Online Yoga Classes

MBA, E-RYT® 500, YACEP®, MBSR Level 2 Instructor

Melissa Leger is an MBSR and yoga instructor who works with veterans, the medical community, and government agencies to help decrease stress and incorporate healthier lifestyle habits. As a female veteran, recovering corporate professional, and business owner, she has experienced stress and the challenges it creates in overall health and interpersonal relationships. Through a practical and straightforward approach, Melissa facilitates wellness programs that focus on living fully in the present moment through meditation and mindful movement. She is the founder of Kindpact and teaches with partner organizations and online.

Melissa Leger Founder of Kindpact
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