What impact would it have on your life to spend a little bit of time each day taking care of yourself? Would there be an impact on the body or a little bit less stress to carry around? Let’s find out and see. We are offering a 30 Days of Yoga and Meditation practice– not a challenge but an intent to practice mindfulness meditation and accessible yoga to see what sort of impact it could have on our day to day lives.

Getting Started with 30 Days of Yoga and Meditation

  1. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
  2. Our videos for the 30 day practice are located at this playlist or simply scroll down to the classes below. 
  3. Download our 30 Days of Yoga and Meditation workbook.
  4. Prep for the practice by filling in the workbook calendar for when you want to start your practice.
  5. If you have classes you already attend or want to go to, fill them in on your calendar. If not, you can follow along with our videos day by day.
  6. Complete the pre-practice portion of the journal.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it start?

You can start at any time and do it at your own pace to meet your schedule. 

Is it okay if I am a beginner?

Yes, all of the classes are very beginner friendly. This 30 day practice will expose you to different ways to practice yoga and meditation in manageable chunks of time for different abilities.

Do I have to do all the classes on the channel?

This is your practice, do what feels right for you. The practices are provided online to create some ease in your practice and to try different formats. If you have your own practice and other instructors your practice with, there’s no need to stop your daily practice. You can use our classes to supplement it.

Do I have to follow the videos in order?

Nope! We provided the videos to have something available and to explore different styles of yoga and mindfulness meditation. However, you are welcome to do them in whatever order you like, repeat videos, or skip videos.

What if I miss a day?

That’s okay! This is not a challenge but an intent to practice. Some days it may be too challenging to practice. It’s important that we do our best not to judge our practice.

Can I do my own practice?

Yes, the videos are provided so you have something to follow along to but you are welcome to supplement with your own practice or other instructors.

What do I need to get started?

The only requirement is a space to practice. Each class is a little different, some will incorporate yoga props or their substitutes. We do have a recommended list of yoga props but know that it is not required.

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