Yoga and Mindfulness Programs

On-Demand Mindfulness and Yoga Courses

Introduction to Mindfulness

By now, many people have heard mindfulness helps relieve stress but often wonder how or it can seem too challenging. "I can't sit still," "I don't know what I'm doing!", "I'm falling asleep" are all common questions before even getting started. If you've been interested in learning about mindfulness but feel like you might need some guidance, this course may be helpful in helping you start your journey.

Chair Yoga for Beginners Online Course

Chair yoga helps students get all the benefits of yoga-- increased flexibility, more strength, better balance, and reduced stress by meeting students where they are at. Postures can be adapted for energy levels and conditions and practiced safely. Chair yoga doesn’t make yoga any less effective, it simply makes what seemed unattainable accessible and within reach. Enroll in on our demand Beginner Chair Yoga Course online. Course incluces a printable planner.

Yoga Basics: A Beginner Yoga Course

This course is for people who are absolute beginners. If you haven’t exercised in a while or are so tight that you feel like a rubber band ready to snap this course is for you. This course will help you reduce your stress and target areas of the body you carry stress, increase your flexibility in a way that feels good, build your stamina, and learn the basics of yoga in a comfortable environment.

Weekly Mindfulness and Yoga Classes

During COVID-19 we are hosting weekly online yoga classes to support our community……wherever they are located. Classes are based on a sliding scale model. Our preferred method of donations are direct to the instructors.  Donations average between $3 and $10 per class. Many of our instructors are unable to work. Besides our classes being shut down, some of our instructors are currently unable to work at their primary jobs. Your donations not only support the classes but help provide income for our instructors.

You can also donate to our Yoga Teacher Emergency Fund. The fund will be used to help those experiencing financial crisis. We will be accepting donations until everyone is allowed to go back to work. Learn more here.

Make your Sliding-Scale Donation to Your Instructor

Donations average between $3 and $10 per class. To make a donation, click on the instructor’s image below to access their donation methods.

Accessing the Classes

Join us for our regularly scheduled live classes online with your favorite yoga instructor.

Online Class Schedule