It’s been quite some time since our lives have all been impacted by COVID-19. Seeing masks in the streets feels less jarring. Instead of it keeping our faces warm from a spring chill, it is a little more annoying feeling the heat generated between our mouths and the miniature tent on our faces. But it keeps us also safe and allows us to do some of the things we enjoy without risking the health of others. So we’ll take it….and at least they have some cuter masks now.

Here at Kindpact, formerly Mindful Yoga Chicago, we felt it was time to make some changes and adjust to the current environment. Here’s what’s happened since COVID-19.

Classes and Courses

In regards to our in-person classes, Kindpact (formerly Mindful Yoga Chicago) does not have its own personal physical location and is following the policies of the locations that host us. Our main public locations are through the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Botanic Garden. At the time of this writing, classes are postponed. We are still awaiting information for when we are allowed to return. Any previous class purchases will be credited to new classes.

To help support the absence of our group classes, we now have live online classes and recorded courses opening up. The live classes are donation-based classes. All proceeds go directly to the instructor of your choice. We know times are tough; we operate on the honor system. Your donations help support instructors, many who have lost all forms of income during the pandemic.

We are also beginning to host online courses. These are currently hosted on Udemy. They can be practiced at your own pace and also have more activities and how to’s, which is nice because we often don’t have the luxury to work on some of those aspects in group classes.

Free Audio Meditations

We create more compassionate communities through mindfulness, yoga, and stress-reduction programs. It is becoming obvious that we need more of this in our current climate. We created free online recordings available through InsightTimer for those looking for practical meditations to help decrease your stress levels.

Online Community

Personal connection is essential to our well being– the pandemic is bringing awareness to how much we are social creatures. That being said… media while it could be helpful, especially for video chat….it also brings a lot of distractions, noise, and unfortunately hate speech. We wanted to create an online community that was smaller, didn’t require people to sign up for social media, and to create more access to some of our educational content. Most importantly a space to be able to connect and support each other.

Our online community is supported through Mighty Networks, it is private group where we can stay connected….but not overly connected. You’ll see our events, musings, and ability to interact with instructors. Once you register for an account, you can also download the Mighty Network app, and access our network on your devices.

We anticipate more changes and updates as we go along. Wherever you’re at and however you are, we sincerely hope you are doing as well as you can be.

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